Easy Trade Technologies Ltd. is an Irish company that specialises in the distribution of high-tech lighting products and accessories for the indoor (plant or gardening) market.

Our best seller is the wellknown EASY-ROLLS.

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- our range of products now includes Easy-Water for water treatmet

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Easy-Rolls & Easy-Hooks

Easy-Rolls naked version, our best seller!!

Easy-Rolls is a light/reflector hanger.
Easy-Rolls is a useful mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the height of your light/reflector as the plant grows.
The possibility of adjusting the reflectors and heavy Cool tube-like systems allows for an increase in the weight of a lamp of up to 5Kg per Easy Roll. So, with 2 Easy-Rolls it's also possible to hold lamps up to 10kg!
Important! Easy-Rolls uses a calibrating function to establish the light/reflector. You just need to calibrate it the first time you use the light/reflector.

Easy Rolls Blister

Makes it easier to sell in shops once placed on the counter (shelf). Our cardboard blister contains 2 Easy-Rolls and 2 Easy-Hooks.
Thanks to the commode tab, hanging is made easier.
The Barcode is located on the bottom of the blister.

Easy Rolls Counter-display

The Cardboard counter-display is ideal for displaying on shop counters (shelves) for that attracting customers.
Contains 12 blisters.
The Barcode is located on the back.
The Easy Rolls Counter-display is re-useable and durable and can be used again and again.......

Easy-Hooks naked version

Easy-Hook is a useful accessory made exclusively for our Easy-rolls!
Just slip the wire in the cut at the level of the knot and that's it!
Ultra resilient!
Ideal for a large scale grow tents, Easy-Hooks works on a bar with a diameter of up to 20mm!

Easy-Hooks in bag

The Easy-Hooks bags contain 100 units.
Easy re-sealable zip bags.



Domina 4 Grow is our new range of LED lighting.
The Domina 4 Grow brand is designed and produced in ITALY.
Domina 4 Grow uses new Italian INLED technology.

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Filtration groups

For our hydroponic production it is possible to use the water supplied by the public water network, removing murkiness and residual chlorine.
The filtration unit is composed of a sediment filter followed by a carbon cartridge which remove sediments and chlorine, with a large water flow.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration systems

Hydroponic culture is based on water, which conveys mineral salts and nutrient solutions to the plants.
The water employed by these growth methods must be free of pollutants and any other substances that might decrease the power of nutrient solutions.
For such use, RO systems provide the best kind of water for the reservoirs, as they remove the majority of substances - often unwanted - dissolved in the public water supply.
They are also recommended for dehumidifiers, as they leave no sediment.

Demineralisation cartridges or water deionizer systems

They are basic features of RO systems as they prove effective in residual salinity reduction, providing water whose pureness approaches 100%.
Therefore the installation of demineralisation cartridges at the base of an osmosis system is recommended.

UV Lamps

Getting rid of microorganisms such as spores and moulds is very important. UV rays systems provide safe, bacteria free water.
They can be installed at the entrance of the machine or in the water recirculation system.


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Single Easy-Roll

As you can see there is no need to calibrate; just move up and down.

Two Easy-Rolls

Simply and quickly move up/down payloads up to 10 KG!.

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